about us


From mountaintops to deep valleys, between palm trees and green destinations, on fresh crisp water streams, begins a journey to nature that makes you forget your fears and worries. It gives you moments that bring you back to yourself and reintroduces you to you. You take a moment of silence in front of historical architecture and you travel back in time when visiting museums and walking between old mud houses. You stand in awe of Oman’s magical geological diversity. A one hour adventure can revive your soul.
We create special moments for women over Oman

Nuzha’s Community

A licensed Omani tourism company that organizes adventures for girls and women from different ages to unique tourist destinations in Oman. We create special moments in journeys over a day or half a day. Nuzha can also arrange trips on demand. We aim to enrich the tourism experience in Oman. we are based in Oman.
Our challenge is had to decrease the number of participants in our trips upto 65% because

From her to her

Nuzha stems from the concept of privacy that women need. It aims to create an exceptional experience for women that brings them back to the captivating nature of Oman. Nuzha believes that going on adventures lifts weights from your shoulders and lifts your spirit, body and soul.